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Interior Cleaning

The more often you do a quick clean, the easier it will be and the less time it will take. When finished, spray the interior of the car with some air freshener for a clean scent.
Clean the seats of your car. Your car interior may be leather, fabric, or plastic. Leather seats must be conditioned as well as cleaned or they will crack and dry out. Check your car's manual to check for approved cleaners to use on your upholstery.
If you have fabric upholstery, try using carpet cleaner on the seats.
To clean leather seats, use a soft brush and an appropriate cleaner. Once dry, condition with a water-based, pH neutral conditioner.

Interior Floor Cleaning

Cleaning Your Car Floor Mats, Remove and vacuum your car mats. Take the mats out and place them on the ground; preferably cement, concrete, or blacktop. Use a standard vacuum or a shopvac to get rid of noticeable debris and dirt on the mats. Make sure to vacuum both sides. You can also give your mats a few shakes to get off any remaining dirt and grime

Vaccum Cleaning

Even the most committed car enthusiast cannot keep all messes away from their prized possession. Those with a strict no-eating-in-the-car policy can still expect to have anything that attaches itself to shoes dirt, leaves and worse accumulate on their car's floor periodically. Some automobile lovers may be willing to pay for professional auto detailing on a regular basis. For the rest of us, a car vacuum cleaner will be more than enough to keep our cars reasonably neat. It can also tide you over between professional cleanings.