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Why Choose US?

We provide car washing with or without water i.e water wash and waterless wash.It shall be done in daily ,weekly and monthly basis, according to the customer needs, either in customer place itself or in our place. Car interior vacuum cleaning is also been done by us.

Waterless Wash

We also provide water less wash for cars, in a most Eco- friendly way. Imported equipments are involved in its cleaning. So there will not be any side effects for your cars in future and for the humans too. Only in Rainy season, a coat of water wash is given to cars before going to water less wash. In this wash also, the dash board cleaning will be done Free of Cost.

Car Water Wash

All the exterior car body wash shall be done in customer place itself, but the Under chase cleaning (car bottom cleaning) will only be done in our place. The dash board cleaning will be done Free of Cost.

Vacuum Cleaning

All the interiors of the car is been cleaned using Vacuum Cleaning. Interior dust is been completely sucked in this process.