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Dash Board Polish.

To polish & clean a car dashboard is a fairly simple task. A car dashboard can make the inside look sparkling clean even if other aspects are dirty, The dashboard of an automobile serves several functions. It is the unit to which the steering column is attached.

Wax Polish.

Regular car waxing will improve your vehicle's look and prolong the life span of its paint. Learning how to wax and buff your car properly can save you a bunch of money over time.

Rubbing Polish.

The rubbing compound is used to refine the area of the vehicle that has been damaged and repair the scratch. Then the polishing pad will restore the paint to like new condition. If you apply automotive wax when you have completed the scratch removalprocess it will seal the area and keep the paint looking like new.

Finishing Polish.

A finishing wax or finishing sealant would not contain any ingredients with the intended ability to clean or abrade the paint. Products in this category should only be used on paint in excellent or brand new condition or neglected paints that have been previously cleaned and polished and thus restored to new or excellent condition.
A product that offers no cleaning ability with the focus on maximizing beauty with the protection based upon naturally occurring ingredients